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Shipping & Returns

Orders within the US:

We ship out items twice per week via First Class USPS, usually on Mondays and Fridays. US orders usually arrive in 3-7 days.

International orders:

We ship internationally and they will take up to two weeks to arrive. International customers may also be charged additional customs and import fees depending on the country's policies. These are the buyer's responsibility, so please keep this in mind when placing international orders.

Returns and Exchanges:
All sales are final. We gladly accept exchanges for damaged or defective items. Just contact us within 14 days of delivery and ship items back within 30 days of delivery.

Terms & Conditions

By placing an order for our services you accept and agree to following terms and conditions.

Lucky Risograph uses the Risograph printer for its printing service. The risograph is a digital duplicator process that mimics the print procedure and quality of the screen printing. The process includes multiple possible imperfections in a finished print.


  1. Smudging may occur on a finished print since the Risograph inks being based from environmentally friendly soy oil. Similar to newspaper prints.

  2. Uneven Ink coating will occur due to the printing process of machine. We try to avoid this issue as much as possible but when large areas of ink are printed the uneven distribution of ink is noticeable in some colors.

  3. Track marks may appear on your print the more colors laid onto a sheet a paper. This is may happen when you layer multiple colors on top of each other not supplying the ink to grasp onto the paper making it easier for the tires of the machine to pick up the wet ink. Thus transfering that ink onto other prints as track marks.  

  4. Rush jobs may contain some smudging and track marks depending on the amount of time required to deliver the final product.

  5. Misalignments will occur since the Risograph printer prints one color layer at a time onto a sheet of paper, a single sheet of paper will run through the printer multiple time to print multiple colors and also to produce double sided printing. This can cause misalignments between color layers and pages printed on both side of a sheet of paper.


Production will only begin when payment has been made in full according to the agreed invoice.  

Production time

Production time greatly depends on the project, where the amount needed to be printed, the amount of colors, double sided or not, and binding method will greatly affect the final delivery date of the prints. Deadlines must be presented by the clients during the quote process and will be confirmed once again during in the invoice since this will affect the cost of production as well as the ability to complete the job within the time frame presented.  If a jobs is less than 10 business days it is considered a rush job and will incur a rush fee. We are not responsible for any delays caused by the carrier. All jobs will begin production once all files are print-ready and payment is completed. Shipping is not factored into production time.


We ship worldwide using USPS, Fed ex, and DHL. We are also willing to work with any other delivery company you trust and would like us to ship through. We take care of our products with great care to avoid all damages to the final print. Any damages that occur during transit must be formally field to the delivery company.

We are not responsible for any delays to delivery caused when the prints have been handed to the carrier, and will not process any refunds for late deliveries.

File setup

Upon request we can send you a file setup guide that will best fit your project scope. Once your file(s) has been submitted to us we will look over your file before production. If there are any outstanding errors in your file we will warn you of the errors as well as how to fix them. We are not a editorial service and will not meticulously check your file. We are not responsible for any technical, editorial, or design errors that may error from your file. Such errors as:

  • Grammatical errors

  • Low resolution images

  • Wrongly selected printing option contained in the invoice

  • Duplicate order placed by clients

  • Color matching

  • Editorial errors, such as underestimated sizing, typeface choice, margin placements

  • Delivery delays due to client’s slow responses


For us to begin the printing process we would like to understand the full extent of your project to provide you with our highest quality of work. To do so will require a daily, ideally more frequent contact of the project’s details.

Once a quote has been reviewed and agreed upon we will be sending you an invoice that finalizes the detail of your project and production quality. Please review the invoice carefully before paying, once we begin production depending on how far into production we are, we can not guarantee a full refund of your initial payment.

Before paying for our service, on request, we can provide a soft proof or a hard proof of your final product before production.

A soft proof will be a digital simulation of what the final print will look like. This will not look identical to what the actual print is, due to the unique printing process of the risograph. If you would like a printed proof please order a hard proof, which we can send you a seperate quote for.

A hard proof can be a single copy of the final image or variations of or a page(s) of the book. This can be scanned and sent to you, but if you desire we can have it sent to you as well.

Once you are satisfied with the proofs and do decide to pay for a the full production of your project, please be aware any fixes or changes to your project will cost you accordingly to the parameters of the change.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves in producing the best risograph prints to meet your creative standards, if you find our service sub par please let us know so we can improve to better suit your needs and future creatives.